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Learn to Ride with PAL – Frankie’s Story

For the sake of the report to ensure some the family’s personal details are not shared and they remain

partially anonymous, the family are referred to as the “Smith” family.


Family Overview/Context:

The Smith family consists of working parents and their 8-year-old son,

Frankie. Frankie is an only child and has been resilient during a challenging

three-year home renovation, adapting to various disruptions without

complaint. The family has been utilising PAL’s holiday camps based at

Evesham Leisure Centre for approximately a year, particularly relying on the

holiday club for childcare and extra-curricular opportunities during the

school breaks.


PAL’s Involvement:

PAL has been a crucial support system for the Smith family, offering

convenient childcare services during school holidays. Being away from

friends and family, PAL’s camps at Evesham Leisure Centre has provided

not only a convenient location but also additional facilities and engaging

activities, making it invaluable for the family so that Frankie enjoys his time

off School. The staff’s positive attitude and their enthusiasm helps shape

this experience as well as the additional activities and trips offered which

are a real bonus to enhance the children’s enjoyment and educational

development during their time with PAL.


“The staff are so good with the kids. Frankie loves his time at PAL’s



PAL’s Provision Impact on Frankie/Family:

PAL’s provision has significantly aided the Smith family in overcoming

childcare challenges during school holidays. The location’s convenience,

additional facilities, varied activities, and competent staff have made it an

essential resource for the family. Frankie, in particular, benefits from the

engaging environment and positive interactions, making his time at PAL’s

camps enjoyable.


Learn to Ride Session Impact on Frankie:

Prior to the Learn to Ride cycling session, Frankie was unable to ride a bike.

The family had attempted to teach him, but the session highlighted that

they were using the wrong approach, leading to Frankie’s anxiety about

learning. Despite initial reluctance, Frankie was immediately put at ease by

the warm welcome and friendly faces upon arrival. Under Steve’s guidance,

Frankie made significant progress, independently pedalling within 20

minutes. By the session’s end, his balance, speed, and confidence had

improved remarkably.


“Steve’s teaching approach, combining mentorship and

friendship, as well as explaining things in a way Frankie could

understand and follow, played a crucial role in Frankie’s success.

Such a great session.”


Long-Term Impact and Future Plans:

The Learn to Ride session had a profound impact on Frankie’s confidence.

His newfound ability to ride a bike has instilled a sense of accomplishment

and enthusiasm. Frankie is eager to continue learning, expressing interest

in future sessions at Cycling Stars with Steve. This positive experience is

likely to have long-term effects, contributing to Frankie’s overall growth and

enjoyment of cycling, potentially even as a structured club activity.

The Smith family wholeheartedly recommends PAL’s Learn to Ride

sessions to other families. The simplicity, child-friendly approach, and the

element of fun make it an excellent resource for children learning to ride

bikes. The family expresses gratitude for being offered such an invaluable

and free opportunity, emphasising how fortunate they feel to have access

to such a fantastic session.


“I would recommend the Learn to Ride sessions to other families.

It makes learning to ride so simple and easy to follow for the

children whilst being lots of fun at the same time. How lucky we

are to be offered such an amazing session for free.”