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HAF Family Case Study

For the sake of keeping the family anonymous, the children’s names have been changed for this case study. Child 1 will be referred to throughout as Julian and Child two will be referred to as Toby.



The case study involves a family facing financial constraints due to their

parent’s part-time work and full-time student status. They reside in a

council house after an eviction due to no fault of their own, with these

circumstances making them eligible for free PAL (Holiday Activity and

Food) provision, which has proven to be a crucial support system for the family.


Family Details for context:

The family became involved with PAL due to their financial situation and the

free-of-charge nature of the program. Both children have been actively

participating in PAL holiday camps over the past 12 months.


Challenges Before PAL:

– Holidays were challenging due to financial constraints.


– Mother, a student, struggled to balance work and family.


– Graduating did not immediately translate to job opportunities.


– Low income limited the family’s ability to afford enriching activities.


Benefits which PAL’s holiday provision bring Involve:

– Enriching Activities and Socialisation. Children engaged in activities like making dream catchers and enjoying cinema trips. PAL provides avenues for socialisation, helping build relationships with school friends.


– Positive influence on the children’s holiday experiences. Julian (6 years old) gained confidence and learned skills not typically covered in school. The opportunities provided have positively affected the children’s confidence, mood, self-esteem, social skills, and life skills, promoting independence.


– Community Engagement. PAL camps contribute to the development of a sense of community among school friends, which Julian and Toby have benefited from. Toby is a bit more cautious when meeting new peers, so the camps enable him to be able to build confidence when meeting new people, offering shared experiences with peers which strengthen relationships among children.


The Parents Perspective:

The emotional impact, which this has sub-consciously on the parents is huge, as she knows that the camps will provide a safe and enjoyable experience in the holidays.


Mum noted a positive change in Toby’s confidence and social skills, which she has noticed since he began attending PAL’s provision. This is likely to be a result of PAL helping children learn independence which can boost their self-confidence.


Mum loves to listen to what the children have been up to, and she said they are always excited to tell her when she picks them up. Activities such as creating dream catchers, contribute to a holistic development approach.


Reducing stress and Anxiety for low-income parents & families:

Mum stated that knowing the children will be fed at the camp alleviates concerns about having to provide packed lunches. PAL activities provide a reliable and stress-free environment for the children during holidays. The consistency of PAL activities reduces stress for the parents leading up to and during the holidays, ultimately having a positive impact on their mental health.


The boy’s mum is still amazed by the diversity and number of activities offered by PAL, which she was thankful for.


Finally mum thanked PAL and stated that knowing that her children are engaged in enriching experiences while she can work gives her great joy.