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SkillZone Trip

SkillZONE, located in Gloucestershire, serves as an interactive educational centre designed to replicate real-life scenarios, imparting crucial life skills along the way. Through immersive setups like a house, road crossing, bus, and train settings, visitors engage in learning about safety, health, and community engagement.


With hands-on exhibits and expert guidance, SkillZONE empowers visitors—especially children, young people, and families—to confidently navigate various situations. Whether it’s mastering fire safety, road awareness, or personal well-being, SkillZONE equips individuals with practical skills for everyday life, contributing to a safer community.


PAL Fitness & Education CIC has partnered closely with SkillZONE to offer youngsters from Worcester, Pershore, Evesham, and Droitwich the chance to visit their facility in Gloucester. Here, they can engage in interactive workshops, simulations, and a comprehensive program offered by SkillZONE.


Thanks to funding from Great Western Railway, we’ve made it possible for over 220 children to participate and learn from this valuable experience. Collaborating with various partners including Abbey Park First School, Abbey Park Middle School, and Platform Housing, we’ve made concerted efforts to reach out to children with special educational needs and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. SkillZone’s facilities include simulated environments ranging from a police custody cell and courtroom to a train station, providing children with essential life skills to navigate society safely.


Emily Booker, SkillZONE Education and Community Partnerships Officer based at Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service – “At SkillZONE, we are deeply committed to facilitating essential life-skill learning for children, young people, and families. It brings us great joy to welcome groups and support their journey toward a brighter future”.

We look forward to working with SkillZONE and other community partners in the future, to enhance opportunities for children and young people. A massive thank you to First Great Western Railway, for their support, as without their vital funding this project would not have been made possible!