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Cost of Living Fund

The Cost-of-Living Crisis across the UK has hit communities hard. Poverty is becoming a harsh reality for more and more families and individuals; many are from working families who just can’t make ends meet.

In response to the national crisis, PAL Fitness & Education have sourced funds from The National Lottery Cost of Living fund and the National Grid – Poverty Hurts fund.

This funding, has enabled us to engage in partnership projects, sustain current work in communities which was at risk of coming to an end and create or expand many services. We have been involved in setting up, supporting, or expanding 22 Warm hubs, across the West Midlands region and even down into Worcestershire. These Warm Spaces vary depending on the audiences we are engaging with; however, all sessions have provided a warm space, electricity charging points and refreshments, with many providing lunches, meals, and even specialised activities! This funding will also support and subsidise our February half term provision, across 3 sites, as well as specialised SEND opportunities available!

We are currently in the process of distributing 60 warm packs, to families and individuals who are most likely being significantly impacted by this crisis over the winter months.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the National Grid and The National Lottery, for funding these projects!